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What You Get:

  • A fast and effective way (taught by sex therapists to men with erectile dysfunction) to get over the “blank page hump” and kill writers block dead. (Page 143)
  • How to create nearly instant belief about you and your product in your copy if you’re just starting out and nobody knows who you are. (Pages 148-149)
  • How to use your competition’s product testimonials to sell YOUR products. (Page 42)
  • A memory training technique that can get your prospects daydreaming about the product you’re selling, and sometimes even unable to get it out of their heads! (Page 75)
  • An admittedly weird (but super effective) way to sell wildly expensive products with just one or two sentences! (Page 98)
  • How to make even the most outrageous and hyped-up claims sound 100% believable. (Page 64)
  • The “bragging without bragging” sales letter secret (seen in many old Kung fu movies) that lets you boast about your products, services, or yourself without sounding like an arrogant douche bag. (Pages 89-90)
  • An old school door-to-door sales tactic that can make people want to buy products they didn’t even originally want! (Page 48)
  • An old-time “adage” that can help you create such an intense urgency to buy in your ads that peoples’ hands may even literally shake trying to type their credit card info into the shopping cart! (Page 13)
  • The “house of horrors” method to quicklydigging up gold nuggets of valuable market research… and also…

Here are some more of the invaluable tips inside Copy Slacker:

  • The sales-destroying mistake copywriters make when using surveys to do research. (The GAP company once made this blunder and it cost them probably tens of millions in sales. See page 18.)
  • An infamous dead comedian’s method for getting attention in his comedy acts that can make your sales copy automatically more credible, more believable, more interesting, and less “advertising” sounding. (Page 68)
  • The exact number of syllables your words should have (according to one of the best copywriters who ever lived) if you’re selling to a mass market. (Page 28)
  • What A-List copywriters (who work for the biggest direct mail and internet publishing companies in the world) talk about with each other about copywriting… but almost never discuss publicly! (Hint: It ain’t anything sexy or “sneaky” like NLP or other persuasion and writing tricks found in most books. Instead, they talk about this one thing even some of the best copywriting courses ignore or just glossover, at best. Details on page 16.)
  • The world’s most-feared negotiator’s secret (he used to broker billion dollar deals) to making sure your sales letters are exciting, sexy, and interesting to read. (Page 17)
  • A bizarre (but ridiculously effective) way of using an ordinary dog leash to create ads that can win even against better “written” copy! (Page 43)
  • The 1960’s “Mad Man” era secret to writing headlines that can get people eagerly reading every word of your sales letters. (Page 48)
  • The naked-man-in-the-woods headline tactic of an 8-figure earning copywriter that can help keep readers glued to your ads — even if they’re being bombarded with texts, ringing phones, Facebook messages, crying babies, and other distractions. (Page 49)
  • Facebook’s secret swipe file for writing ads so effective it may very well make people mad at you for interrupting their day because they can’t resist reading your sales pitches! (Page 99)
  • 11 copywriting “beginner proof” headline templates (with real-life examples) that are…

Here are even more of the copywriting secrets patiently waiting for you inside:

  • A sneaky way to use your competitor’s products and services to sell yours! (I once saw a martial arts school do this, and their new member count went through the roof. See page 114.)
  • A 6-word “Old Faithful” sales letter opener any business can use, that works for almost any ad you will ever need to write. (Page 64)
  • A little-known way that can sometimes drive people almost stark, raving mad at the thought of not being able to buy from your sales copy! (Page 116)
  • The most “fail proof” way to write ads ever invented. (Straight from the man who founded Sears — and nope, it has nothing to do with being a good writer. Page 152)
  • The “devils backbone” secret to making boring products instantly sound far more interesting. (Pages 40-41)
  • A 3-second sales letter design trick for making your ads far easier to read and, thus, buy (And don’t worry, no design or software skills necessary — if you can select and bold words with your mouse, you can do this! Details on pages 109-110.)
  • How one of America’s top sales trainers “spins” the worst flaws and negative aspects of products and services into red hot reasons to buy! (Page 148)
  • How to convince even “fire breathing” skeptics to hear you out and buy from you. (Page 58)
  • How studying the great copywriter John Caples can get you in legal hot water. (Disclaimer: I am a huge John Caples fanboy and believe every copywriter should study his work. But, there is something he did in one of his more famous ads that, if you do it today… could get you fined by the government or worse! Read pages 85-86 to see why.)

Let’s keep moving with some more of the tips inside Copy Slacker:

  • How people are neurologically “hard wired” to be persuaded. (This info has been used to generate huge amounts of money by everyone from vicious propaganda machines to worldwide peaceful religions — here’s how to use it to make a ton of sales in your ads. Page 73.)
  • A secret place to get free top-notch copywriting critiques. (Many of the world’s highest-selling copywriters go to these same people — and not necessarily other copywriters — for critiques for their own ads. Go to page 132 for the details.)
  • The “back-asswards” orderin which old school copywriters wrote copy that crawled inside their customer’s psychology and virtually tormented them until they bought! (Page 38)
  • When having a lower price can hurt your company’s sales, branding, and even reputation! (Page 25)
  • How to “download” a copywriting client’s personality and voice into your ads so it sounds exactly like them in your copy. (If you’re a freelancer, this could almost eliminate re-writes, changes, or annoying time-consuming edits. See Page 42.)
  • A Stanford psychologist’s secret method for mentally disturbing your prospects into wanting to buy from your business’s ads. (Page 102)
  • How to legally and ethically “borrow” proof and credibility from other people to make your company’s ads more believable and persuasive. (Hint: You can see this “in action” if you read the bestselling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Details on page 90.)
  • The (blatantly “crude”) method for determining the exact best length a sales letter or advertisement should be. (Page 93)
  • How to spin awful, traumatic, and painful things that happen to you into high-pulling sales copy. (Also on page 93.)
  • How to (ethically) inflict psychological pain on your prospects in your ads… and make them far more likely to buy from your business. (The great A-list copywriter David Deutsch once did this to sell a dry, boring book about a subject most people couldn’t care less about — just imagine how well it can work with an interestingproduct. Page 103.)
  • The “drug dealer” sales letter opener that works like crazy to get people to read your ads top to bottom. (This works so well you almost have to be careful— otherwise you could get a lot of people buying from your sales letters who aren’t even prospects for what you’re selling! Page 70.)
  • 12 ways to write bullet points that “seep” right into your reader’s psychology and…

Here are more tips found inside this book:

  • How to open your sales letters so you slip right past your reader’s natural, built-in sales defenses. (Pages 65-66)
  • How to use dusty old text books to give yourself instant credibility when selling an unproven product with no track record or testimonials. (Page 87)
  • Worst possible place to put a testimonial in your ads where they can actually work againstyour sales. (Page 119)
  • The best emotion to focus on in your ads. (Some people appeal to greed… some to fear… still others to anger, or envy, or lust, or pride. But this emotion blows them all away — and makes your ads far more likely to be read, taken seriously, and bought from. Page 141.)
  • The best daily habit business owners new to copywriting should develop to make the most sales as fast as humanly possible. (Doing this got me hired by 3 of my most lucrative clients, and it automatically makes you a more persuasive writer, too. See pages 142-143.)
  • The one thing you can do today to make your business’s ads almost instantly more responsive. (The late direct mail guru Dick Benson insisted this is one of the best things you can do to your copy to pump up your response right away. Page 144.)
  • The best kind of music to listen to when writing ads. (Pages 147-148)
  • How to get people hot to buy from your company’s sales letters without using any actual claims. (Page 151)
  • And a whole bunch more, including:

P.S. To get an even deeper knowledge and understanding of how to bat out sales copy the way I use, Copy Slacker also has 6 valuable “appendix” sections that include:

  • The exact bullet point templates I use in my own ads —compiled over the years that are perfect for sparking ideas for when you need to write bullets, or for helping you give your bullets nice, irresistible “twists” that make people go crazy with curiosity. They are easily used, changed and adapted, for your needs, and I use this exact same list every time I write a sales letter to save me a ton of time and headaches.
  • Secret words and phrases (based on research conducted by one of the single greatest copywriting minds who ever lived) —that is like installing thousands of years of linguistic credibility into your sales copy… and that can make even your craziest and most outrageous claims & benefits sound more realistic and believable.
  • elBenbo’s 491-Page Swipe File —made up of 50 sales letters/ads I’ve penned over the past 18 years, that collectively pulled in tens of millions of dollars (or more, I lost count) spanning multiple markets, selling various kinds of products, at varying price points, including in industries like: Weight loss, self-defense, health supplements, golf, MLM, home business, real estate, business buying, a paid podcast, Kindle books, dog training/health, newsletters, work-at-home, marketing training, business building, and college funding consulting. Several were even turned into VSLs and you can use all these sales letters & ads as templates, idea-generators, or just case studies you can adapt (not copy & paste) and apply to your own ads.

Here’s a little taste of what’s inside this appendix alone:

  • How to “jimmy” your ads to make even super expensive products seem cheap. (Page 171)
  • The “jerk at the BBQ” secret for making almost any product more appealing. (Page 193)
  • A little-known copywriting technique that can make even your most outrageous and crazy claims sound more believable. (Page 331)
  • How political campaigns get even complete morons elected to public office. (Pages 221-222)
  • How to create urgency in your ads if you don’t have a hard deadline. (Page 172)
  • The old time “fire & brimstone” preacher’s secret to writing ads that make people anxious to buy from your company. (Page 243)
  • How to as much as double the power of your customer testimonials. (Page 221)
  • How to make more sales by toningdown your ads and claims. (Page 331)
  • How to find the best “hook” for your ad…and how to know when you’ve found it. (Page 223)
  • The “killer orgasm” book secret for beefing up your sales letter bullets. (Page 316)
  • A powerful “twist” you can put on refund guarantees that can make your offers very hard to resist buying from. (Page 236)
  • How to add “flavor” to your sentences so everything goes right into your reader’s psychology. (Page 156)
  • What never to say in a sales letter if you’re selling to women. (Page 244)
  • Tips on how to sell services with sales letters. (Page 181)
  • A secret way to use the Bible to make your business’s ads more responsive. (Page 268)
  • How notto answer the phone if you want to make more sales. (Page 198)
  • How to know what kind of “tone” to use in your copy. (Page 164)
  • When leading your ads with your most powerful claims can destroy your company’s sales. (Page 159)
  • How to counter “sticker shock” if your business charges high prices or fees. (Page 220)
  • A secret copywriting trick used by weight loss ads to make your product stand out in crowded market places. (Page 241)
  • How to borrow a professional Hollywood screenwriter tactic to help you write some of your copy… without paying them. (Page 162)
  • What to write in photo captions in your ads for higher response. (Page 242)
  • The mindset twist that can turn people into feening addicts for whatever product or service you sell with sales copy. (Page 319)
  • How to set people up to already want your product… beforeyou even introduce it. (Page 160)
  • A never-talked-about way of using photos to make your sales letters far more persuasive than they are now. (Page 322)
  • How to keep the attention of people with hyper low attention spans. (Page 163)
  • A “counter intuitive” way (used by one of the world’s single most prolific copywriters) to avoid burnout by giving yourself MORE work to do! (Page 324)