BowTiedSystems – LinkedIn Sales Navigator Course

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Finally, a course that actually teaches you how to use Linkedin Sales Navigator the right way

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BowTiedSystems – LinkedIn Sales Navigator Course Download

Introducing a comprehensive course on mastering LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

In this course, you will learn how to utilize the platform to its fullest potential through a series of lessons, including:

Lesson 1: The front page and how to use it Lesson 2: Sales preferences and alerts Lesson 3: The Accounts page, including bio and account mapping Lesson 4: Account growth insights and alerts Lesson 5: The Lead page, or the modern resume Lesson 6: How to build an account filter search Lesson 7: Account and lead lists Lesson 8: How to use a lead filter search Lesson 9: How and why to build saved searches

Additionally, the course includes a section on workflows, with lessons on targeting small to medium businesses, enterprises, low-hanging fruit, and batching tasks with lead generation and contact scraping tools.

As a bonus, the course also includes instructions on how to join the Discord community, how to secure LinkedIn Sales Navigator for just $35 a month (saving $900 a year), and tips on the optimal time to send Inmails and the ideal word count for maximum effectiveness.