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make parasite SEO more powerful!

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The database is split into paid and free, where you’ll get metrics on sites you can build parasites on, contact information for the sites, and up to 3 live, ranking examples of parasite pages per site!

What About A.I. and Google SGE?!

Summarized search results by a bot make parasite SEO more powerful!

As Google looks to build a consensus of information from multiple pages in the results, you can control the content that Google outputs via SGE by ranking several parasite pages for the same term.

How Much Does A Parasite Campaign Cost?

It greatly depends on the niche and keyword you’re going to go after. If you wanted to rank for casino terms, it’d be a LOT more expensive than knitting would be.

There are 3 main costs you’ll have per campaign:

  1. Publishing Fee – If you are using free sites, you skip this cost, but the average fee is $250 – $800 per piece of sponsored content.
  2. Content Costs – You’ll need to create an optimized piece of content for the page. My average word length is around 3,000 words, which on average costs around $150.
  3. Link Building – You won’t be allowed to build links at some pages, but for competitive terms, it’s almost a requirement. I usually buy cheap niche edits and PBNs for around $200 – $400.

The average campaign will cost around $800, but allow you to rank for keywords that can often make that in a single day if you get to #1!

Is This Course Suitable For Beginners?

Yes, I designed this course for EVERYBODY! Whilst people with NO experience in SEO will struggle to understand the terminology I’m talking about, most beginners will be able to pick this up and use it within a matter of hours…

I’ve made sure that the course is easy to understand, there are screenshots or videos for every step you’d need to follow and I’ve tried to format the instructions in a way that allows you to adapt this style of SEO to your own way of doing things.

Does This ONLY Work In English?

Not at all! And in fact, I show several examples of parasites in foreign languages dominating far more than any of there English counterparts.

The Google algorithm in other languages is a lot more basic than English, and methods like these tend to work better when/where the algo is weaker.

How Long To See Results?

We typically see pages start appearing on the first page of search results within a week of going live… And more than 90% of the time, these pages start generating revenue in the very same month they go live.

ALL of the example case studies (Free and Paid) started ranking for keywords immediately!

How Much Can You Really Make With Parasite SEO?

The potential for your earnings is almost endless, as you can effectively rank for ANY keyword using at least one of the parasites in the database! It’s only limited by your capital, time and imagination.

Here is ONE parasite page example taken from our database that is worth over $250,000 per month, according to Ahrefs –

So, what are you waiting for?

Get started learning parasite SEO and dominating the SERPs today!