Claire Pelletreau – Absolute FB Ads 2020 Download

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Claire Pelletreau – Absolute FB Ads 2020 Download Claire Pelletreau – Absolute FB Ads 2020 Download Brutally honest newsflash for course creators, coaches + service providers itching to grow their business online: It’s time to stop screwing around with Facebook ads (or avoiding them altogether). It’s time to stop screwing around with Facebook ads (or […]

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Claire Pelletreau – Absolute FB Ads 2020 Download

Claire Pelletreau – Absolute FB Ads 2020 Download

Claire Pelletreau – Absolute FB Ads 2020 Download
Brutally honest newsflash for course creators, coaches + service providers itching to grow their business online:

It’s time to stop screwing around with Facebook ads (or avoiding them altogether).

It’s time to stop screwing around with Facebook ads (or avoiding them altogether).

You don’t need to be a math genius, an extroverted influencer or Zuckerberg himself to make Facebook & Instagram ads work for you.

If you’re ready to finally →

✓ Get more eyes on your digital courses & products

✓ Grow your email list with subscribers who l-o-v-e what you’re puttin’ down

✓ Turn those subscribers into SALES (and LOTS of ‘em) in your next launch or funnel…

Let the gurus keep their complicated strategies and douchey tactics.

All you need is a simple, step-by-step approach to launch your profitable ad campaign: from strategy to testing (and everything in between).

Absolute FB Ads is your bullshit-free roadmap for creating strategic and effective ads that grow your online business…

Even if you’ve struggled to get results in the past (or feel so overwhelmed you don’t know where to begin).

Before you read on to get the details, let me be blunt →

I know you’ve heard the spiels from d-bags in rented Lamborghinis that Facebook ads are kind of A Big Deal™…

… especially if you’re on a mission to reach more people, reclaim your time and grow your revenue with digital products and online courses..

There’s just one big problem:

You’re not exactly sure how (or if it’s even possible)

to run Facebook & Instagram ads without losing money or wasting time you haven’t got.

Maybe you’ve already been burned big time by the fickle Facebook ads manager…

And you definitely aren’t alone if you’ve already wasted a couple hundred (or thousand) dollars on ads that didn’t bring home the bacon.

If you’ve heard the horror stories (or lived one yourself)…

Facebook ads can feel like buckling up for the world’s most expensive roller coaster ride.

The highs and lows are no joke →

Setting up the tech, tracking and testing for your ads feels more complicated than calculus, and you’re not quite sure if you even got it right…

There’s the rush of adrenaline (OK, anxiety) as you finally launch your ads and set them free in your audience’s newsfeed…

So you check your ads obsessively and hit the crushing realization that nobody’s clicking or converting — and you’re burning through cash FAST.

The next day, there’s a strange and unexplained uptick in your ads (yay!)…

But the people who do sign up end up costing you money…

And all those new subscribers turn out to be freebie vampires who never buy or engage.

Worst of all? You have no idea how to troubleshoot what the hell went wrong.

So you turn off your ads, cut your losses, and take a timeout until you can figure it out.

Finding your way through the Facebook landmines can feel like a full-time job…

And if you’ve ever found yourself cursing under your breath:

“I’m a smart person. Why the F&%! can’t I figure this shit out?!?”

… then join the freakin’ club.

The harsh truth is:

Most people never make a profit from their ads.

It’s deceptively easy to spend money on Facebook and Instagram, but the process of pulling a profit from your ads is anything but straightforward.

Especially if you’re struggling through:

– Throwing digital spaghetti at the wall (and $ down the hole)

If you don’t have a game plan before you give Facebook a single cent, you’re trapped in a guessing game that’s bound to cost you a lot of money.

You just want someone to make it easy for you — but with so many courses, tactics, and over-caffeinated gurus promising massive paydays with FB ads, it’s hard to know who to trust.

– Not having a repeatable process you can trust

Maybe you’ve even managed to master the tech — but when you check and see that you’re losing money, you don’t know how to fix it (and when things go well, you have no idea how to do it again).

Without a framework to help you identify how to make ads work for you, you might as well be playing a blindfolded game of bingo.

– Fear of becoming a sleazy internet salesperson

Perhaps you’ve heard that you’ve gotta go big or go home with your Facebook ads budget… and it seems like the only people who succeed are over the top and so not your style.

It’s scary to think about spending huge wads of money on Facebook, and you’re a little worried about opening yourself up to criticism from the internet peanut gallery.

Hey! I’m Claire Pelletreau… and I’m kinda weird.

But we’re not here to talk about my Spanish TV teen drama addiction today.

Because in a world of self-professed ad gurus and overcomplicated strategies, I’m deathly allergic to all the online marketing BS that wastes your time and squanders your money.

Instead? I’m determined to help you turn Facebook and Instagram ads into a simple, effective and doable part of your strategy for growing your business…

And most importantly — I want your ads to be ridiculously profitable, too.

As for me, I had my first Facebook ads love affair back in 2011, back when pretty much any picture of a cat would get insane results. Oh, those were the days…

Because all of a sudden, Facebook became pay to play, seemingly overnight… and they didn’t exactly make it easy to join the game.

It was stressful, confusing, and effin’ frustrating.

It took me many, many hours (just ask my very patient husband) of research, several years of testing what worked for my clients, and a whole lotta trial and error to master the ever-changing Ads Manager and Facebook ecosystem.

I’ve developed a simple process — and an entirely new way of thinking — that will get your FB & Instagram ads converting and actually moving the needle in your business.

  • No smoke n’ mirrors or blackhat tactics.
  • I’m not going to ask you to whip out your credit card to spend $15K on FB ads and cross your fingers it’ll turn into a sale…
  • And I definitely don’t want you to gamble your time on one-hit-wonder strategies that might work for internet gurus with thousands of raving fans and money to burn — but not for normal people like you and me.

The not-so-secret herbs and spices behind it all?

It’s a potent blend of…

  • A dead-easy game plan for navigating the tech, so you can bend Facebook’s Ads Manager to your will (just promise that you’ll use your newfound powers for good, not evil).
  • A simple strategy for finding and reaching your perfect people in the newsfeed (even if you’re worried Facebook & Instagram ads won’t work for you).
  • A battle-tested method for understanding your results and how to fix what isn’t working (your days of guessing and stressing are over, friend).

… all taught by someone who actually knows what they’re talking about and has made it her life’s mission to burn down all the BS surrounding Facebook and Instagram ads (that’s me, by the way.)

It’s the same process I’ve used to help your favorite online heavyweights nail their launches →

If you’re ready for a reality where:

FB ads are a simple, effective part of your marketing strategy

You pump out ads with barely a thought. Or even hand off the implementation to your assistant or VA so you can get on with the work you love to do.

Your advertising costs go down, while your numbers go UP

As you continue to master Facebook ads, you get better at targeting the right people AND the Facebook algorithm starts working to bring you better leads. Win-Win!

You’re selling courses & GETTING PAID… consistently 

You’ve increased your cash flow WITHOUT spending all your profits on more contractors or throwing it down the Facebook hole on haphazard ad campaigns.

Then I’ve got good news for ya…

That’s EXACTLY what’s waiting for you inside Absolute FB Ads

Absolute Facebook Ads is so much more than an online course

Here’s how we’ll make it happen together:









Insanely helpful worksheets, calculators & quickie video tutorials to guide you each step of the way

This course isn’t just about learning theory. I want you to be able to apply everything you learn directly to your business, right away. These worksheets will help you work through the process of honing in your ideal Facebook Ad strategy, ensuring it’s profitable, and then bringing it to life with minimal fuss.

And for all you technophobes, I’ll hold your hand through the more technical and confusing aspects of Facebook ads. For example, I’ll show you exactly how to use the Ad Manager to quickly scale your campaigns, the best ways to create stunning images on Canva, and how to create and save your audiences ahead of time, saving you one of the most hair-splitting headaches Facebook could ever produce.

Ready to FINALLY run Facebook or Instagram ads that WORK?

Join Absolute FB Ads and get instant access to:

  • Lifetime access to the complete Absolute FB Ads System, rich with examples, rapid-action instructions and step-by-step screenshots ($2000 value)6 video tutorials ($900 value)
  • BONUS 1: Ongoing feedback and support inside the Absolute FB Ads members-only Facebook group ($5000 value)
  • BONUS 2: Monthly strategy + Q&A calls ($2000 value)
  • BONUS 3: A simple but dangerously effective FB ads strategy game plan for course launches ($1000 value)

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