Eddie Shleyner – Transformational Landing Pages Download

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[Submodule A] 

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Eddie Shleyner – Transformational Landing Pages Download

What You Get:

Module 1: “WELCOME” → (5 Lessons)

[Submodule A]  What you can expect:

 [Lesson A1] Expect clear, concise lessons:

 [A2] Expect to learn by example:

 [A3] Expect “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins:

 [A4] Expect to have a new landing page when you finish:

Module 2: “LANDING PAGES” → (7 Lessons)

[Submodule B]  Transformational results:

 [B1] Copywriting great, Eugene Schwartz:

 [B2] Testing big differences:

 [B3] Clarity, desire, credibility, and action:

[Submodule C]  The before, the after, and the template:

 [C1] The original landing page:

 [C2] The transformed landing page:

 [C3] The template:

Module 3: “ACHIEVING CLARITY” → (16 Lessons)

[Submodule D]  Audience research:

 [D1] A better way:

 [D2] Persona (with an “a”):

 [D3] Person (sans “a”):

 [D4] Persona (an example):

 [D5] Person (an example):

 [D6] Conducting a personal interview:

[Submodule E]  The “Hero” divider

 [E1] The most important divider:

 [E2] Primers:

 [E3] Headlines:

 [E4] Subheadlines:

 [E5] Body copy:

 [E6] Calls to action:

 [E7] Art:

[Submodule F]  Congruence:

 [F1] The forgotten conversion principle:

 [F2] Order of operations:

Module 4: “INTERMISSION #1” → (1 Lesson)

A short break:

Module 5: “INTENSIFYING DESIRE” → (38 Lessons)

[Submodule G]  About fascinations:

 [G1] What’s a fascination?

 [G2] Where fascinations came from:

 [G3] Why fascinations work:

 [G4] When fascinations work:

 [G5] The clickbait debate:

[Submodule H]  Fascinations – 9 writing rules:

 [H1] Guardrails:

 [H2] Rule #1:

 [H3] Rule #2:

 [H4] Rule #3:

 [H5] Rule #4:

 [H6] Rule #5:

 [H7] Rule #6:

 [H8] Rule #7:

 [H9] Rule #8:

 [H10] Rule #9:

[Submodule I]  Fascinations – My 3-step process:

 [I1] One, two, three:

 [I2] Step 1:

 [I3] Step 2:

 [I4] Step 3:

[Submodule J]  Fascinations – 18 filters:

 [J1] Filter #1:

 [J2] Filter #2:

 [J3] Filter #3:

 [J4] Filter #4:

 [J5] Filter #5:

 [J6] Filter #6:

 [J7] Filter #7:

 [J8] Filter #8:

 [J9] Filter #9:

 [J10] Filter #10:

 [J11] Filter #11:

 [J12] Filter #12:

 [J13] Filter #13:

 [J14] Filter #14:

 [J15] Filter #15:

 [J16] Filter #16:

 [J17] Filter #17:

 [J18] Filter #18:

Module 6: “INTERMISSION #2” → (1 Lesson)

Another short break:

Module 7: “EARNING CREDIBILITY” → (9 Lessons)

[Submodule K]  Confidence signals:

 [K1] What’s beneath all of this?

 [K2] Signal 1:

 [K3] Signal 2:

✐ [K4] Signal 3:

[Submodule L]  Testimonials:

 [L1] Two types of testimonials:

 [L2] Type 1:

 [L3] Type 2:

 [L4] Creating a testimonial campaign:

Module 8: “COMPELLING ACTION” → (5 Lessons)

[Submodule M]  Why now?

 [M1] Reason #1:

 [M2] Reason #2:

 [M3] Reason #3:

 [M4] Reason #4:

Module 9: “TESTING” → (4 Lessons)

[Submodule N]  Big n’ small:

 [N1] Big tests:

 [N2] Small tests:

 [N3] Last thing: