Joshua Lisec – The Best Way To Market Research It Download

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Finally, a proven way to

choose that ONE right idea,

pick the best-paying niche for it,

discover the EXACT words to persuade those customers,

and sell something you know they will buy.

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Joshua Lisec – The Best Way To Market Research It Download

Joshua Lisec - The Best Way To Market Research It Download
Joshua Lisec – The Best Way To Market Research It Download

Finally, a proven way to

choose that ONE right idea,

pick the best-paying niche for it,

discover the EXACT words to persuade those customers,

and sell something you know they will buy.

Without wasting weeks mired in research findings
you have no clue what to do with.

Works even if you’re NOT
a data geek or a research junkie.

Market research is like climbing down into an unknown cave to mine for gold — that one thing people would buy from you.

It’s hard AF.

At least . . . it used to be.

The Best Way To Market Research It is your “X marks the spot.”

It’s a reliable, repeatable system to build what will sell . . . from books, novels, and courses to software products to high-ticket service offers.

Follow my process step by step, and you’ll discover the best, most persuasive version of your idea — your gold.

And you’ll also find all the copy and sales scripts you need to sell it.

Imagine creating something you KNOW will sell  and having all the words to get it out into the world right there at your fingertips.

The Best Way to Market Research It = How to find out what you should create

Not what you want to build . . .

Not what competitors are launching . . .

But what a crap-ton of people will actually buy.

SpecificallyThe Best Way To Market Research It shows you how to definitively answer the trifecta:

  • What should I sell?
  • To whom should I sell it?
  • What do I say so they’ll buy?

PROFITABLE FACT #1: All the market research you need takes days, not months (or years).

Let me tell you an embarrassing story.

In 2014, I spent $2,400 on an online business course that claimed its strategies could help you validate and launch a $50 information product.

It did not, in fact, do that.

How come?

The instructor obsessed over research, research, research . . . gotta get more, gotta survey more, gotta read more customers reviews!

More, more, more!

I listened . . . unwisely.

For an entire YEAR, I invested 2-3 hours every. single. day.

Scouring Amazon reviews . . .

Peeping in on Facebook groups . . .

Wandering down to the tenth page of Google search results . . .

Twelve months later, I had NO clear direction.

All I had were 365 pages of data I had no idea what to do with — and that many business ideas!

I got so frustrated that I memoryholed my research deep into my computer and haven’t looked at it in 6.5 years until taking that screenshot.

That’s the problem with typical market research — it’s a total waste of time.

Most entrepreneurs, authors, freelancers, creators, and artists waste precious time and money by chasing ideas that were never going to work.


They followed their “passion” or “gut” . . .

WITHOUT fact-checking their instinct via a repeatable, quantifiable system that would have told them whether or not the idea had a shot.

You don’t know what that one insight is you’re looking for, so you look for EVERYTHING.

That was my Big Mistake: I didn’t have a methodical process to make sense of thousands of data points to find the few insights that meant something.

I couldn’t tell which research findings were a wild goose chase and were a goose to lay me a golden egg.

(Side note: I gained 65 pounds because I was so depressed from wasting a year on market research without making any money.

I’ve since lost all that weight. The Best Way To Lose It coming soon?)

I also owned up to the market research mistakes I made and found a better way — a best way.

PROFITABLE FACT #2: Market research is the one and only prerequisite to persuasion.

If there is a “Great Persuasion Secret,” it’s this:

Convincing people to buy your stuff isn’t manipulation, psychological tricks, or “right place, right time, right price” luck.

Persuasion is simply figuring out what people want and telling them that’s what you’re selling at a price that feels reasonable.

After wasting a year on market research, I entered the trenches to learn persuasion the hard way.

Here’s how that went down.

In 2015, my copywriting and ghostwriting clients wanted something new from me.

They didn’t just hire me to write their content, they also wanted my help figuring out the next thing to build and launch.

Because they paid me per project rather than per hour, I had no time to waste helping them validate their idea, test it on the market, go full-scale launch with confidence.

Let me put it another way.

I wasn’t getting paid to do market research. Clients hired me to write their new offer’s headline, sub headline, and sales copy.

But I had to know what to say so people would buy this untested new thing.

So I did the opposite of everything I did during that wasted year.

I did only those things to find the data points — customer reviews, search traffic, transaction data, product ratings, client testimonials, etc. — which brought me the insights I needed to go back to my clients and say with confidence:

  • “This is what you need to build, and this is what you need to say so people want to buy it.”

In The Best Way To Market Research It, I teach you this no-fluff, no-BS, no time wasted process so you can validate your idea, engage your audience, and nurture them to buy.

What you learn and apply from The Best Way To Market Research It goes beyond “Hurr durr, just read reviews and copy-and-paste what people say. Boom, there’s your market research.”

The key is knowing what market research to record . . . and which to ignore.

It’s like telling someone “There’s gold in them hills.”

Yeah, no kidding.

But where do I dig?

I can’t dig everywhere forever.

Just tell me where to look and what to look for.

That’s The Best Way To Market Research.

It’s your map, your bucket, and your shovel — and also your directions for where to dig.