Justin Brooks (AdSkills) – The AdSkills Pro 5 Level Progression Matrix

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When he left Google and started his own ad agency, he needed to get clients quickly. This is the same strategy he used

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Justin Brooks (AdSkills) – The AdSkills Pro 5 Level Progression Matrix Download


Introducing: The AdSkills Pro 5 Level Progression Matrix

This course is designed to help individuals learn the skills and knowledge needed to become a successful ad buyer. It is divided into five levels, each of which is designed to help you acquire the skills and knowledge needed to advance to the next level.

Level 1: First Time Ad Buyer:

This level is designed for individuals who are new to digital advertising and want to learn the basics of getting their first ad live. You will learn the industry jargon, how to reach a target prospect, track your success, and set up your campaigns. You will also learn how to research a market and create a live ad campaign, and be able to help local businesses or charities succeed.

Level 2: Junior Ad Buyer:

At this level, you will go from learning to mastering the basics and will start working towards replacing your income. You will get experience under your belt through monthly mentor calls and learn how to launch your agency website, create your case study, build a pipeline of leads for your agency, and sell a systematic ad buying service as a junior ad buyer.

Level 3: Freelancer:

This level is where most people in the industry are at. You will be able to confidently work from home and easily acquire clients at $2,500/month. You will also learn to filter your clients and qualify your leads to acquire only the best clients.

Level 4: Senior Ad Buyer or Marketing Director:

At this level, you will have built a full tool chest of skills and will have duplicatable systems to scale your services. You will have a content plan that positions you as an industry expert and a mastery level of understanding ad buying and marketing, setting you up for the largest and most lucrative career paths.

Level 5: Advertising Guru or C Level Executive:

You will have replaced your “JOB” a long time ago, have a team doing the work, have respect from the industry, and opportunities will flow to you. You will be sought out for your knowledge, demanding $5,000 – $10,000 per month and getting it.


The course also comes with 3 agency bonuses:

⭐ Bonus #1: Rapid Replace Yourself Kit: This kit will provide you with every tool, document, and system to hire your first 10 team members.

⭐ Bonus #2: The Ad Buying Blueprint: This blueprint will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create and launch successful ad campaigns.

⭐ Bonus #3: The Ad Buying Mastery Course: This course will provide you with in-depth training on how to become an expert in ad buying and marketing.