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During this class, you”ll discover:

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Kody Ashmore – Simpler Trading – Drama Free Day Trades ELITE Download

What if you could end your trading day in a matter of minutes? Can you really have a “full” trading day in under an hour? Our Director of Weekly Options Strategies, Kody Ashmore, grew his account by over 60% in 3 months doing just that, and now, he’s sharing his 1% per day strategy with you in this step-by-step interactive training

Using 0DTE expiration options, Kody has been able to put on a trade within the first 15-20 minutes of the trading day, leave it alone, and revisit it at the end of the day with the goal of receiving a minimum of 1% of his account value for the trade. His day starts with choosing where he thinks the market will NOT go (his bias), placing the trade, and stepping away to take care of whatever else needs to be dealt with.

This strategy requires no scanning, no setup determination, and little to no drama as a result. You’re in and out within the same day, so there’s no overnight risk, and you can have as little as $1,000 in your account and still take advantage of Kody’s 1% per day strategy. He’s been able to take it to even greater heights, as he’s used this trading strategy in both his $25K account and $100K account because the principles are the same. Once you learn this strategy, you can apply it to your own trading style.

During this class, you”ll discover:

  • Case Study: Kody’s 60+% account growth in over 3 months

  • The key to determining your bias for the market day

  • How to put time on your side when trading options

  • Why the 1% per day strategy isn’t affected by the pattern day trading rule

  • How to put the Greeks in your favor

  • Case Study: Kody’s $850 profit in a few hours in SPX

And much more!

What’s Included:

  • The 1% Per Day Strategy Class

  • 6 Pre-recorded Live Trading Sessions (Pro and Elite Package)

  • 6 Additional Pre-recorded Live Trading Sessions (Elite Package)

  • Bonus: Squeeze Pro Indicator (Elite Package)