Luisa Zhou – Ultimate Course Launch 2023

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Luisa Zhou – Ultimate Course Launch 2023 Download

Module 1

Set Up for Success

Even with the best sales strategy in the world, you can’t sell a course that no one wants. In this module, I give you a step-by-step roadmap to come up with a best-selling offer.
  • Quickly identify what course to create and how to package it, even if you have no idea right now. (Hint: Contrary to popular advice, it’s not about figuring out an idea. It’s about learning how to package what you already know into a course that people want. My Fail-Proof Course Generation Framework will show you how)
  • Set the perfect price for your course to maximize your profits. (Pricing too high will cost you sales, while pricing too low will leave money on the table…both of which are easily avoided with my Perfect Price Cheatsheet)
  • Identify who your ideal clients are…so it’s easy for you to make sales. (You won’t have to post surveys in random groups or beg strangers for research interviews. I’ll show you what to do instead—that’ll ensure you get all the information you need)
  • Instantly stand out and capture your audience’s attention—and thus desire to buy—no matter how crowded your market is. (It’s all about being able to explain clearly what makes you different. I’ll show you how with my Secret Sauce Formula. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how good your product actually is…because it won’t be clear to your ideal clients why they should buy from you)
  • Save yourself a lot of wasted time and effort by making sure you’re not creating a course that won’t sell—which is a lot more common than you might think! (In fact, there are only 3 types of courses that sell, no matter the industry, and if your course isn’t one of them, nothing else will matter because you won’t make sales)

(Value $997) Included in Ultimate Course Launch

Module 2

Create a Great Course…Quickly

If you’ve never created a course before, how do you create a stellar product on your first attempt? Most first-time course creators get this wrong, which is why they either burn out and never finish their course, or, create a course that ruins their reputation—because it doesn’t deliver results. Neither of which you’ll have to worry about with UCL…
  • How to ensure your clients get great results and you get amazing testimonials. (Contrary to popular un-wisdom, this has nothing to do with how well you know what you’re teaching, or how much “value” you give in the course. It’s about teaching your course in a way that motivates your clients to actually take action and get results. Which I’ll show you how to do using my Optimal Teaching Techniques.)
  • The simple strategy that will make your course creation process quick, simple…and even enjoyable. (This is how I finished my first course in just a few hours…while also creating such a high-quality product that it had an unheard-of 90% student success rate)
  • A Complete Tech Guide that makes setting up your course simple and easy…no matter how “un-techy” you might be. If you have no idea how to set up the tech for hosting, delivering, or creating your course, this comprehensive lesson will walk you through everything you need

(Value $997) Included in Ultimate Course Launch

Module 3

Sales…As In, Making Lots of Them

Successfully selling your course requires mastering a lot of moving pieces. As you can imagine, it can be incredibly overwhelming…IF you don’t have a proven plan of action to follow. Good thing that’s exactly what you get with UCL, so that you can…
  • Clearly demonstrate your expertise, your course’s value, and its effectiveness using the powerful sales page you’ll be able to create following my proven Sold-Out Sales Page Formula. With this, you’ll be able to bring in your ideal clients without having to rely on doing sales calls yourself or hiring a high-maintenance copywriter (who may or may not even be good)
  • Make sales with ease using the proven, highly converting email templates in the All-You-Need Sales Emails Swipe File. This is literally “plug and play” email writing for every type of email you’ll need to sell your course (Students say this is worth the course investment all by itself!)
  • Learn how to set up a complete sales process that automates the entire “making sales and getting paid” part for you, including little-known pieces that’ll boost your results…like the 3 checkout page tweaks that could easily add a few more sales to your bottom line
  • How to virtually eliminate buyer’s remorse by making one simple change that most course creators overlook. So your customers feel that purchasing your course is the best decision they’ve ever made, don’t ask for refunds, and go on to get amazing results (which also means that you get amazing testimonials and build your reputation)

(Value $997) Included in Ultimate Course Launch

Module 4

Get Your Challenge Right

Even if you had the greatest course in the world, it wouldn’t matter if no one knows about it. In this module, the crown jewel of UCL, you’ll learn my often-imitated-but-never-duplicated Challenge strategy for quickly selling your course no matter where you are in your business right now.
And once you do, you’ll see how having the right strategy—this one—is why it doesn’t matter how small your audience might be right now…because you’ll be able to grow quickly through selling your course.
  • Quickly grow your audience using The Ultimate Traffic Plan so that you can start making sales quickly no matter how small your audience might be right now
  • Plan a challenge launch that generates 10x the sales of other strategies with my step-by-step breakdown of how to plan your challenge set up, prompts, rules, and environment…with an actual example and detailed analysis. After this, you’ll see why other challenges or strategies don’t even come close…and have the sales to prove it too
  • Learn how to quickly turn an ideal client from stranger to passionate client…in just a few days. Knowing this—and why common un-wisdom about it taking longer is completely wrong—will be key to your being able to grow your business quickly while your competitors fall behind because they’re too busy “nurturing” their ideal clients to death (by boredom)
  • Feel like you have a launch project manager holding your hand and telling you exactly what to do and when, with the complete Pre-Launch calendar, email templates, and planning guide…so you’re able to completely sidestep the typical launch overwhelm

(Value $997) Included in Ultimate Course Launch

Module 5

Launch Time!

Faster than you might think possible, it’ll be go time…
So you can finally experience the freedom, income, and impact that you’ve been dreaming of (although fair warning: your results might exceed even your wildest dreams).
  • Finally…make money on your own terms, with every aspect in your control. We’ll break it all down into simple and doable steps, with a pre-set launch calendar (so all you have to do is follow it), mapping out your income goals (and how to hit them), and a detailed launch checklist (so it’s as simple as checking off each to-do)
  • Close your launch with the most sales possible via a smooth transition from your Challenge to making sales. The best way to do that is through a well-planned Challenge Finale, which can boost sales by up to 60%. I’ll walk you through your own profitable Finale with a step-by-step template.
  • How to virtually eliminate any chance that you won’t make sales. Contrary to popular belief, your sales results are a lot more within your control than you might think. I’ll show you how using my Launch Fail-Safe Protocol…which I’ve used to boost sales by up to 90%
  • Want to make even more sales? Use these 6 advanced Launch Boosters that’ll squeeze every drop of profitability possible from your launch. (I especially love Booster #2, which is so easy and fun to do, requires very little additional work, and best of all…can create an avalanche of sales almost immediately)

(Value $997) Included in Ultimate Course Launch

Module 6

Make Your Course Work for You

One profitable launch is great, but you know what’s way better? Having an asset that continues to generate income for you…consistently.
Most launches end when the cart closes, and that’s a big problem because there’s a fortune to be made in the post-launch. You’ve done all the hard work…so why shouldn’t you reap all the benefits possible?
  • How to double your initial course revenue AFTER the launch. A proven process for selling more to students who want it, whether that’s your next course or your coaching/consulting services. Plus, how to do it right so it’s not pushy, salesy, or awkward…as a poor attempt can ruin a previously-great customer relationship
  • The #1 “secret” to making more course sales every time you launch. (Hint: It’s the same reason football players study their games.) I’ll also give you my simple tool for analyzing every aspect of your “launch play” so you can exponentially improve each subsequent launch. This is how I was able to scale so quickly from $8K to $100K to $800K in sales…in less than a year
  • The reason some courses have a disproportionately large number of testimonials and happy students…and as a result, a disproportionately large number of sales. With my Course Email Sequence and Effective Testimonial Formula, you’ll ensure that your course becomes one of those…so that it becomes easier and easier for you to sell it…instead of becoming one of the majority that eventually disappears into no-sales oblivion because it can’t build a strong reputation

(Value $997) Included in Ultimate Course Launch