Marty Marion – Brand Positioning Master Course Download

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In my Master Course I’ll be doing LIVE 90-minute intensive coaching sessions every week for 24 weeks revealing the strategies and tactics your competitors don’t want you to know. This is not beginner level stuff you’ve heard before.

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Marty Marion – Brand Positioning Master Course Download

Marty Marion – Brand Positioning Master Course Download
Marty Marion – Brand Positioning Master Course Download

If you don’t completely control your positioning, your competitors will do it for you, and it won’t be in your favor. In fact, they’re doing it right now. Every. Single. Day. Positioning is the ONLY way to stop this fast.

I’ll show you how to take control immediately and maximize your client and customer revenue and ROI big time.

In my Master Course I’ll be doing LIVE 90-minute intensive coaching sessions every week for 24 weeks revealing the strategies and tactics your competitors don’t want you to know. This is not beginner level stuff you’ve heard before.

This Master Course will also include 6 full hours on ‘The Weaponization of Advertising and Marketing‘ – a subject I have only taught to my private clients. It’s a major evolution in the world of advertising you cannot afford to ignore or be ignorant of. I’m going to teach you how to see if it’s being used against you, how to defend against it, and especially how to use it – with integrity – for your agency and your clients.

My Positioning Master Course will leave no stone unturned with actionable strategies and tactics in every lesson. This is by far the most advanced and intensive program I have ever taught, and I will NOT be teaching this again.

About Me: Marty Marion

With close to 40 years of experience as a principal and senior executive of two of the world’s largest advertising and marketing agencies (think ‘Mad Men’ in the heyday of advertising), and having consulted to and directed highly successful brand positioning, strategic planning and digital marketing programs for agencies and major brands in almost every niche, I have a unique expertise in brand positioning strategy that can make a huge impact on your bottom line. And I’m ready to share it now with you.

I am the author of The Positioning MatrixTM, the world’s first mathematical model for creating a Positioning Platform, and I virtually invented the science of applied de-positioning for advertising and marketing. I’ve been using this successfully for the benefit of my private clients for years, and now it’s available for you and your brand, consultancy or agency (and your clients too!).

Lesson 1: The Core of Positioning & De-Positioning

YOU’LL LEARN: What is Positioning; What is De-Positioning; A New Model of Understanding Competitive Advantage; What Every Leading Brand Does The Same; The Core Tools of Positioning Masters; Q&A Session.

Lesson 2: The Positioning Platform

YOU’LL LEARN: What is the Positioning Platform and How is it Used; Why the Positioning Platform is so Critical for Advertisers and Marketers; The Structure of a Powerful Positioning Platform; Stated vs Implied Positioning Elements; Example of a Perfect Positioning Platform; Q&A Session

Lesson 3: The Positioning Matrix™

YOU’LL LEARN: What is the Positioning Matrix™ and How is it Used; What are the 4 Essential Elements; What are the 4 Marketing Environments; What are Hybrid Marketing Environments; Completing the Positioning Matrix and Weighting the 4 Essential Elements; Q&A Session

Lesson 4: Category Classes, Why They Always Win, How to Create Yours

YOU’LL LEARN: What is a Category Class; Why Creating a Category Class is the Most Powerful Tactic for Positioning and De-Positioning; Different Types of Category Classes; Why USPs, Niching Down, and the ‘Big Idea’ Lead to Failure; A Review of Category Class Examples, and an Analysis of Why They Work; Q&A Session

Lesson 5: ‘Brand’ vs ‘Branding’; Competitor vs Competition (Yes, They Are Different!)

YOU’LL LEARN: Why ‘Brand’ is Not ‘Branding’, and ‘Branding’ is Not ‘Positioning’; The Critical Difference Between Competitors and Competition; Why You Need to Position Against Competitors and Competition Differently; How to Identify Your Real Competitors (it’s Not Who You Think); How to Evaluate Your Current Brand and Positioning Signals; Q&A Session

Lesson 6: Doubt And Dissatisfaction – The Two Critical Movers, How to Create Them

YOU’LL LEARN: The Concepts of Binding, Un-Binding, and Re-Binding; Using Doubt and Dissatisfaction: The Only Two Tactics to Move Your Targets From the ‘Old’ Way (Your Competitors) to Your Way; The Question Tactic to Stimulate Consideration; Real Life Examples Of Doubt And Dissatisfaction In Advertising; Q&A Session

Lesson 7: Brand Positioning Ladders and the Variance of Positioning Influence

YOU’LL LEARN: The Relative Power of Different Types of Influences and Influencers; Why Personal Experience is Critical and How to Generate it; The Four Types of Needs and Desires That Control the Buying Decision; How To Accelerate Consumers and Clients to Make Buying Decisions; Q&A Session

Lesson 8: Brand and Positioning Traps You Are Making; How to Avoid Them; How to Fix Them

YOU’LL LEARN: What are Brand Traps; Why Brand Traps Can be Appealing and Fatal; The Brand Extension Trap; Real Life Example of the Brand Extension Trap; The Tagline Trap: Is Yours a Trap or a Treasure; How to Avoid these Traps, and How to Fix Them if You’re Already in Them; Q&A Session

Lesson 9: Controlling The Decision-Making Process – Part 1

YOU’LL LEARN: Why Problem Recognition is the Key to Consumer and Client Buying Decisions; How to Stimulate Problem Recognition Faster and Decisively; The 4 Categories of Needs, Pain Points and Desires; How to Insert Your Brand Into the Consumer and Client Decision-Making Process; What is the Beauty Contest Effect and How to Win It; Q&A Session

Lesson 10: Controlling The Decision-Making Process – Part 2

YOU’LL LEARN: Inducing the Client Decision-Making Process; Information Discovery vs Consideration; Overcoming Pre-Conceived Beliefs; How Consumers and Clients Perceive Risk and Cost in Every Buying Decision and How to Play This to Win; Real Life Ads That Control the Consumer and Client Buying Decision; Q&A Session

Lesson 11: Controlling Perceptions, Beliefs and Interrupts

YOU’LL LEARN: Why Micro-Perceptions and Micro-Experiences Control the Buying Decision, and How to Create These; The Number of Steps in the Consumer and Client Decision-Making Process and Why You Can’t Change This; The Impact of Timing Between Buying Consideration Steps and How to Accelerate it Effectively; Avoiding the ‘River of No’ Trap; Using Positioning to Get Consumers and Clients to Absolutely Say Yes; Q&A Session

Lesson 12: The Positioning Venn Systems

YOU’LL LEARN: Why Current ‘Brand Lifecycle’, ‘Brand Building’ and ‘SWOT Strategies’ are Wrong and Dangerous; Using the Positioning Venn System to Identify Your Ultimate Positioning and De-Positioning Opportunity; How to Make Sure You are Not Overlapping Your Competitors’ Positioning; How to Use the ‘Sweet Spot Venn’ to Identify Where You Must Emphasize De-Positioning Over Positioning; Q&A Session

Lesson 13: Positioning in Advertising and for Agencies

YOU’LL LEARN: How the Masters of Advertising Use Positioning to Create and Scale to Billion Dollar Brands; Examples of Ads That Changed the World; Real Examples of Facebook Ads That Work and Some That Failed, and Why Positioning Makes the Difference; The Tactic of Linear Connectivity in Advertising; How Agencies of Any Size Can Adapt These Strategies and Tactics for Massive Scaling Quickly for Your Agency and For Your Clients; Q&A Session

Lesson 14: Marty’s Private Client Positioning Workflow

YOU’LL LEARN: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough of Marty’s Personal Positioning and De-Positioning Workflow; A Detailed Explanation of Why You Need to Work Backwards, From the Outside-In to Win; The Exact Order of Steps You Need to Take to Craft Your Positioning Platform and Messaging to Eliminate Your Competitors; Q&A Session

Lesson 15: Ultra Advanced Positioning and De-Positioning Tactics

YOU’LL LEARN: The 4 Most Important and Powerful Advanced Strategies and Tactics to Achieve Positioning and De-Positioning To Eliminate Competitors Quickly and Decisively; What is the ‘Question Mark’ Tactic, and How to Use it; How to Adapt Your Current Brand Signals Without Having to Destroy Them and Start All Over; Q&A Session

Lesson 16: Segmentation To Increase Conversion, Stimulation and Retention

YOU’LL LEARN: The True Definition of ‘Segmentation’ – It’s Not About ‘Targeting’; How Segmentation Improves Every Aspect of Your Marketing and Advertising; How Data-Driven Segmentation Saves Agencies and Brands Time and Money and Increases Both AOV and LTV; 13 Segmentation Models to Choose From (You Need More Than One); Creating and Using the ‘Preference’ Tactic to Achieve Your Most Critical Segmentation Data; Q&A Session

Lesson 17: Positioning and The Acquisition Phase

YOU’LL LEARN: The True Definition of ‘Acquisition’ – It’s Not What You’ve Been Taught; Why You Must Out-Smart Competitors, Not Out-Spend Them and How to Do This Quickly; The Real KPIs for Acquisition That Actually Mean Something; How to Incorporate Positioning Into Acquisition Marketing Across All Channels; Q&A Session

Lesson 18: Positioning and The Conversion Phase

YOU’LL LEARN: What is the True Definition of ‘Conversion’ – It’s Also Not What You’ve Been Taught; Why Conversion Must Be a Linear Extension of Your Acquisition Positioning Message; The Real Impact of Conversion on Both AOV and LTV; The Power of Positioning-Guided Conversion Tactics in SEO, PPC, Social Media and Influencer Marketing; Real Life Examples of Successful Acquisition-to-Conversion Positioning You Can Model From; Q&A Session

Lesson 19: Positioning and The Stimulation Phase

YOU’LL LEARN: What is the True Definition of ‘Stimulation’ – Why It’s More Successful When It’s Guided by Positioning Science; Why Stimulation is Your Most Profitable Focus and Why it Makes All the Difference to Your LTV and ACOA; How Stimulation Can Be Created and Scaled Quickly and Consistently Through Positioning-Based Messaging; Real Life Example and Story of Massive Stimulation Success From Marty’s Private Client Vault; Q&A Session

Lesson 20: Positioning and The Retention Phase

YOU’LL LEARN: What is the True Definition of ‘Retention’ – It’s Also Not What You’ve Been Taught; Why Retention Failure Can Kill Your Brand, Service or Agency, and How to Avoid This; How to Plan for Maximized Retention and Maximized LTV From Day One; The Ultimate Secret to Maximizing Retention You’ve Never Heard Of; Q&A Session

Lesson 21 through 24: The Weaponization of Marketing and Advertising

A series of 4 live training sessions (6 hours) I have used only with my private clients and have never taught before. This is an extremely provocative and controversial subject that can be massively powerful when used properly, or massively dangerous if used for manipulation or misdirection.