Nat Elliason – Effortless Output in Roam

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What’s So Great About Roam Research?

Your Fast-Track to Roam Mastery

Roam is one of the most powerful new technologies for creative output, personal knowledge management, and productivity.

But, like many powerful tools, there’s a steep learning curve. On your own, it might take months to fully harness its capabilities.

That’s why thousands of students have taken Effortless Output with Roam to skip the learning curve, quickly master Roam, and start getting more done in less time.

“Roam in a Day” Recordings

Every few months Nat hosts “Learn Roam in a Day.”

It’s a one-afternoon workshop on mastering Roam for people new to the tool, or anyone who wants a refresher.

If you buy either course, you get access to the full, broken up, most recent Roam in a Day workshop, with 4 hours of instruction, examples, Q&A, and exercises!

Part 1: Mastering the Basics

Roam is far from intuitive and is full of hidden features. We’ll explore the core features one by one to make sure you know how to use it to its fullest as we build your database.

Part 2: Choosing Your Capstone

This is a course about creating something new, not just how to use Roam. Together we’ll pick an area you’re interested in to explore as you develop your skills with Roam, and a final product you want to create with your newfound abilities.

Part 3: Building Your Database

Roam is a knowledge management tool, so once you have the basics down we’ll pick a project to start organizing our knowledge on. We’ll cover recording ideas, getting notes from books and articles, embedding videos and PDFs, and much more to make sure you know where to put every new piece of information you come across.

Part 4: Organizing Your Database

As you add more knowledge to your Roam database, you need to learn how to organize it and seamlessly navigate your digital brain. We’ll cover using page links, tags, filters, search queries, embeds, and more to make sure you can easily find everything you’ve ever learned or worked on.

Part 5: Managing Your Projects

Learn how to effortlessly combine your knowledge and your task management in one place, so you can stay on top of everything you’re using your database to accomplish. We’ll cover Roam’s ToDo functions, managing projects, setting goals, and creating a daily and weekly dashboard for productivity.

Part 6: Creating New Works

Now that your database is growing, we’ll cover how to use your notes to produce new works. Whether you want to publish an article, record a new YouTube series, or launch a business, Roam can help get you there.

Appendix 1: Advanced Features

Roam is full of more advanced features that can enhance how you use the tool. We’ll cover complex queries, charts, diagrams, kanban boards, encryption, and everything else Roam has to offer.

Appendix 2: Bonus Use Cases

There are tons of use cases Roam is great for. We’ll cover how to use it for: maintaining a personal CRM, managing your recipes, keeping a daily journal, taking smart notes, tracking your decision making, and more.

Appendix 3: Free Templates

Get a collection of templates to help accelerate your Roam usage, including a Daily Dashboard, Weekly Plan, Morning Pages Prompts, Project Tracker, Habit Tracker, Editorial Board, and more.