Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero to $6K Download

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Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero to $6K Download Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero to $6K Download Write Converting Copy, Get High-Paying Clients & Kickstart Your Dream Writer’s Life in 8 Weeks What You Get: 9-page PDF we’ve NEVER released before Over 2,000 words of fill-in-the-blank templates you can start using to […]

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Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero to $6K Download

Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero to $6K Download

Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero to $6K Download
Write Converting Copy, Get High-Paying Clients & Kickstart Your Dream Writer’s Life in 8 Weeks

What You Get:

9-page PDF we’ve NEVER released before
Over 2,000 words of fill-in-the-blank templates you can start using to attract, filter and close paid clients.
This is broken out into 4 “Phases”, as follows:
1. Completely Cold Client Template
2. Semi-Cold Client Template
3. How to Get a Client on the Phone
4. 27-Step Phone Sales Script to Close a Client on the Spot

WEEK #1: Trust the Process (It Works)
[+] The 1 thing that sets apart our most successful students
[+] How to triple your rates overnight with ZERO stress
[+] Why “thinking small” is better than big goals (& why momentum is your ultimate friend)
[+] The ONLY benchmark you should be measuring yourself with (hint: it’s not money)
[+] Try on these free “new clothes” to INSTANTLY skyrocket your self-belief (Gary Bencivenga did this)
[+] Ning’s “Go Gangster” secret to harnessing your inner fire… and why timing is everything

WEEK #2: How to Land High Paying Clients Even if You Have ZERO Experience
[+] How Ning’s girlfriend — who had no experience — blew past the objections most high-paying clients have with new copywriters
[+] Why branding matters
[+] Forget the laws of “normal” jobs — they do NOT govern the laws of freelancing
[+] CAUTION: perfectionism can kill you in this game… here’s why “good enough” is better than perfect (plus how to know where the line is)
[+] Nike was right, JUST DO THE THING (like this) & watch your career take off
[+] The 3 immutable phases of client interaction (and why offering prospects “snacks” is the BEST way to take the next step)
[+] Charge this amount per email — down to the dollar — based on your skill level
[+] Afraid of taking on projects you can’t DELIVER? We explain why it’s not as scary or risky as you think
[+] How my crazy fire walk with the legend David Deutsche PROVES you can turn a shit sandwich into gold

WEEK #3: Over the Shoulder – Ning Writes an Email from Scratch PLUS How to Outline a Sales Letter
[+] WATCH: we transform a student’s random email idea into client-ready copy in 7 minutes
[+] What you absolutely CANNOT FORGET in your first line of email copy (non-negotiable)
[+] Non-intuitive tip to maximizing email conversions with 1 type of photo
[+] “How HARD should I sell in my email?” <<< answered
[+] 7 ways to pull great email ideas from any sales page… and pitch them to a cold client
[+] The #1 question to ask before writing a single word of copy
[+] Where to find your audience’s deepest secrets to push their hot-buttons and make them buy (not Facebook or Amazon reviews)
[+] How long to spend on research
[+] LOOK PAGE-BY PAGE INSIDE THIS DOC: research document of a winning health supplement control… the exact questions Ning asked… where he found the answers… how to do this with any project
[+] The 2-pronged mechanism approach to TRULY differentiate your product from everything else out there
[+] Why “just sitting down to write copy” is a ROOKIE MOVE (do this instead)

WEEK #4: How to Create & Foster Meaningful (& Profitable) Relationships in the Industry
[+] The inevitable “dip” you’ll roll up to in ANY phase of your freelancing & how to cruise through it intact
[+] The “hockey stick” success myth
[+] EASIEST way to differentiate yourself from other copywriters — this requires no skill
[+] Why learning to surf is just like copy (& just as fun when you master it)
[+] #1 mental mistake copywriters make & what NEVER to tie your self worth to
[+] The “Squeaky wheel” technique: a simple follow-up reframe Austin used to land several clients who seemed ‘dead’
[+] How books, podcasts & blogs have “mileage” you can use to squeeze more money out of everything you learn (3 specific tips for how to do this)
[+] The likeability dilemma: authentic way to build rapport… get clients who like you… and earn more working with people YOU actually like
[+] Do you forget what you learned in that last podcast? So did we: until we started using this virtuous cycle trick

WEEK #5: Funnel Architecture & the Key Pillar of Direct Response-Driven Businesses
[+] UNDER THE HOOD OF A $20 MIL BIZ: see real conversion numbers, click thru rates, ad spend economics of a profitable publishing business — 95% of copywriters don’t understand this
[+] CPAs… true CPAs… AOV… ROAS… and other direct response acronyms: explained
[+] Starbucks REAL success secret… why their coffee doesn’t matter… and why to laser-focus your resources on building the same asset
[+] What “customer acquisition” really means & why it makes or breaks a business
[+] The #1 motivation behind everyone in the direct response game (besides money)
[+] Little-known ways to help your client (or yourself) with optimization
[+] Why NEVER to give an ounce of energy to a “MF” result when you test copy
[+] 7-Phase funnel breakdown of an 8-figure financial publishing company
[+] Which upsell is the most important and why to focus 80% of your energy there

WEEK #6: Grease the Slope: Sentence Structure, Grammar & Clarity — Simplified
[+] The reason Austin loves dog-shit first drafts (seriously, here’s why to be “proud of poo”)
[+] WHEN the real magic actually happens in your copy
[+] 3 key “focus zones” when you edit & the 3 most powerful verb tenses
[+] Active vs. passive voice: simplified
[+] The 1 scenario when you should use passive voice and how to use it right
[+] Why “digestibility” is paramount to conversions

WEEK #7: Cut Your Writing Time in HALF with These Research & Outline Hacks
[+] A mushroom trip “a-ha” moment Ning had that melts away writing blocks
[+] Down to the bullet how Austin structured a $1.7 Million promotion for Agora Financial
[+] Why “A.V.” is a better way to structure sales letters than “order of objections”
[+] Copywriting is as much about VISUALS as WORDS — and we don’t just mean photo / video
[+] The Dig Agency’s #1 Outlining Secret to Writing a Sales Letter with Maximum Profit Power
[+] The reason I’ve not been focusing on technical copy lately & the 1 thing I AM that’s doubled my skill
[+] When to write freely without a destination in mind
[+] Why, how & when to “Conceal your hand” and suck readers deeper into your copy
[+] Line-by-line lead breakdown of a multi-million dollar control we wrote
[+] Curveball Copy: the rarely understood skill of being unexpected in your copy to boost readership and conversions

WEEK #8: Blazing Ahead: Forming High-Value Relationships by Getting Better
[+] How to get into America’s top internet marketing conference — FREE! All the highest-paying clients show up.
[+] The simplest way to keep improving with the Swiss Army tool you just developed
[+] How to identify high value people & genuinely connect with them
[+] Exactly how Austin went from unknown copywriter >> to $110/hr. on Upwork >> to a key introduction from Kevin Rogers
[+] When you pass this “rollercoaster threshold” — people can’t wait to coach you… mentor you… and hire you instantly.
[+] The question to “ask the world” (tells you if you’re ready to step up to the big leagues)
[+] FEAR of sharing your work slows down your progress (easy fix shuts up that voice)
Inside every week, you’ll get:
* HD VIDEO LESSONS: full HD videos you can stream from your laptop or phone, with playback speed control so you can learn at your pace
* WORKSHEETS, SLIDES & PDFS: if the video has slides, or discusses a certain piece of swipe, you’ll get a file to follow along. Or, if there’s a link to something, we’ll include that inside your portal.

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