Noah Hunter Dorsey – Native Ad Machine

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What You Get:

Module 1: Strategy

Here, Noah will give you the high-level strategies needed to make sure you’re ready to scale once you launch your creatives.

Module 2: Angles

Here, Noah’s co-founder and Marketing Strategist Lucas will show you how to brainstorm & develop ad ideas.

You’ll learn the exact hooks, angles & psychological triggers that make your ads convert, every time.

Module 3: Briefs

In this module, Noah will create rock-solid briefs for your creators, ensuring you get high-quality, high-converting videos back.

Module 4: Creators

Learn how to find, onboard & work with content creators so you always have a steady flow of content coming in.

Module 5: Editing

No editing skills required. Noah will show you some free apps that you can use to quickly edit your videos.

Bonus #1: Plug-n-Play Brief Templates

Here, you’ll get access to the exact same templates that Noah’s agency uses.

Just fill in the blanks, send these to creators & get back high-quality native videos that convert every time.

Bonus #2: Secret Video Ad Swipe File

Here, you’ll get access to a swipe file of Noah’s top-performing Facebook ads.

These ads have gone through $10M+ of spend, and now you can take all those learnings and use them for your product or service.

Bonus #3: Ad Copy Masterclass

You’ll get access to a Masterclass where Noah’s marketing manager will show you exactly how to write ad copy that converts.

This formula works for any product, and let’s you write world-class copy in minutes – even if you have 0 experience.

Bonus #4: Ad Account Launch Framework

If you plan on running your own ads, then we’re going to give you our step-by-step “Ad Launching” framework to give your ads the best shot and getting results straight out of the gate.

This will be updated regularly to make sure you’re on the cutting-edge of what’s working.

Bonus #5: Hiring an Editor Playbook

No time? Inside this training we’ll show you exactly how to hire a super cost-affordable editor to edit all your video ads for you.

Ship multiple ads per week, without working any extra.