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Session #1: Chief Robot Officer or Superconductor

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Perry Marshall – AI Hyperdrive Download


Session #1: Chief Robot Officer or Superconductor

  • How to simplify everything you do, completely eliminate $10 per hour tasks, streamline your day, and 10x your output with just a handful of daily actions
  • The 2 key strategies to productivity in the Age of A.I. — what tasks are appropriate for each … and how to decide which is best for you
  • The new mental models required for using A.I. and Machine Learning tools the right way … so you don’t degrade your own thinking, value, or work in your rush toward productivity.
  • How to stay focused and think clearly in the Age of A.I. where shiny objects, programs, hacks, tools, and millions of voices are screaming for your attention.
  • Why you need to slow down to speed up! “Productivity” and “speed” are DOA in the Age of A.I. … Sam will show you why
  • Prompts, Bots, and Apps: When to use what
  • Why you should NOT use only an A.I. solution for most of your work
  • How to identify the optimal blend of A.I. and human touch for superior outcomes
  • How to use ChatGPT and other LLMs as your sidekick, constantly analyzing, suggesting, and refining your strategies

Session #2: The Chief Robot Officer and the Death of $10 Per Hour Work

  • The End of $10/hour Work. This no longer exists. If it does in your business or life, something is seriously wrong
  • Automating the Mundane: How to achieve your highest human potential by letting A.I. handle repetitive tasks
  • How to use automation to reshape manual … and intellectual … labor
  • Choosing the Right Tools: Knowing when to use prompts, bots, apps for various tasks
  • Streamlining Daily Operations: Using A.I. to handle routine tasks and elevate daily productivity in your organization
  • Understanding A.I.’s “Jagged Frontier” Why it is not always obvious what tasks are A.I.-able and those that should involve human intervention. This is huge!
  • Information overload controlled: How to automate information consumption and turn it into useful outputs
  • Prompts, Bots, and Apps for different daily and weekly tasks you’re working on.

Session #3: The Superconductor and the Death of $100 Per Hour Work

  • Designing “Symbiotic” Workflows: How to achieve your goals by knowing how to blend both human and robot work
  • Elevating Work Value: Use A.I. to handle intricate tasks, pushing you above the $250 per hour range
  • Creativity Combustion Engine: How to collaborate with A.I. for idea generation
  • Prompts, Bots, and Apps for different daily and weekly tasks you’re working on
  • Elevated Writing and Marketing: How to use A.I. to enhance tasks like drafting marketing copies, ensuring superior quality that beats controls
  • Optimizing Analytical Tasks: How to collaborate with A.I. to segment markets and ensure accurate and efficient results

Session #4: How to Earn $1000 Per Hour

  • The $1,000 Vision: Understand the nature of tasks that fall into the $1,000 per hour category and which will soon be $100 per hour or lower!
  • Beyond Automation: How to quickly elevate the quality and strategic value of your work.
  • Strategic Thinking Upgrade: How to use A.I. tools to enhance critical thinking, strategic decision-making, and data analysis
  • A.I.’s Role in Decision Making: How to best use A.I. to gather data, analyze trends, and provide insights, while you make the final strategic decisions
  • Expanding Horizons: How A.I. can help with even complex tasks … freeing up your time for more strategic endeavors
  • A.I. as a Strategic Partner: How to use A.I. as more than just a tool. Meet your new partner who provides insights, analyses, and recommendations
  • The Irreplaceable Human: How to leverage the invaluable power of human intuition, emotion, and creativity … while still maximizing productivity with A.I..
  • Prompts, Bots, and Apps for different daily and weekly tasks you’re working on.