Peter Szabo – Source Hacker 2.0 (2022)

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The Source Hacker® System 2.0 is the “final self help” course that distills down 13+ years of experience, over $300K invested into mentors, masterminds, seminars, programs and $100M+ generated into one simple, yet complete system designed to help you maximize your health, wealth, love and happiness and ultimately help build a life you truly love.


  • Get crystal clear on where you’re at, where you want to be and EXACTLY what’s holding you back.
  • Learn how to FINALLY eliminate the blocks, internal conflict, self sabotage and addictions standing between you and your goals.
  • Uncover and heal the traumatic memories that’ve caused your limiting beliefs and tremendous amount of suffering with Memory Flipping for once and all.
  • How to elevate your FINANCIAL THERMOSTAT so it’s easy and automatic to generate more income AND keep it (whether you’re employed or an employer).
  • And much, much more (scroll below)…


The more you put in, the more you get out, however an hour or two a day is sufficient to make this work.


Peter Szabo accidentally stumbled into business & self help at the ripe age of 11 because of a failed investment his family made.

Coming from an average Slovakian household, now struck with debt and loan repayments, Peter hated to see his parents suffer, despite good intentions of wanting a better financial future for the family.

That motivated Peter to change his family’s unfortunate financial situation, however being 11 years old, barely speaking any English, there wasn’t much hope… until he saw the movie “The Secret”.

Even though the movie didn’t quite reveal the full secret to success according to Peter; it was enough to make him naively believe that “you can be, do, have anything if you set your mind to it”. With that blind faith, Peter Googled “how to make money online” and that’s how his journey began.

Fast forward to 19 years of age — after six-figures invested in countless mentors, coaches, seminars and putting in blood, sweat and tears — Szabo built his first +$1.2M/yr business — a digital marketing agency.

Over a period of twelve years, he’s helped 300 small businesses in a wide variety of industries generate over $100M in revenue PROFITABLY using Facebook & YouTube ads — becoming the #1 largest FB Ads agency in CEE at the time.

Szabo also wrote a #1 Amazon best seller on marketing & sales, won a Stevie award for excellence in customer experience, as well as been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, & other media outlets.

Since late 2019, Peter divides his time between his marketing agency LEADEVO and Source Hacker — his passion project helping everyday people transform and build lives they love using Memory Flipping & the Human OS.

To date, Source Hacker has documented well over 2900+ student success stories @, creating the #1 largest database of customer results in the entire personal development industry of people transforming their health, wealth, love and happiness.

Peter Szabo’s lifetime mission is at Source Hacker to empower over a billion people with the knowledge, tools and support needed build lives they love; thus collectively creating a world we love.

At LEADEVO our mission is helping 10,000+ impact-driven businesses transform into world-class companies that produce exceptional profit margins & deliver remarkable customer experiences.


  • Bonus #1 – The 7-Figure Agency Formula

Full, unrestricted access to my 7-Figure Agency Formula so you can too build a successful business that can fuel the life, marriage, travels of your dreams.

  • Bonus #2 – 8X Meditation Technology

Imagine getting an hour worth of meditation in 8 minutes (yes, you read that correctly).

This allows you to do just that – access deeper states of consciousness and put your “manifestation on steroids” in less time.

  • Bonus #3 – Best Biohacking Tools

Collection of my best biohacking tools I’ve used to drop fat fast, achieve superhuman sleep, extreme focus and relieve anxiety.