Ryan Serhant – The Ultimate Course To Grow Your Sphere of Influence Download

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Ryan Serhant – The Ultimate Course To Grow Your Sphere of Influence Download


5 actionable sections, 30 chapters, PLUS a 40-page Sphere of Influence Workbook to build your own action plan.


YOUR SOI Action Plan:

Master the art of turning every handshake and conversation into a thriving business opportunity with our comprehensive SOI Action Plan.

  • Develop a strategic approach to transform casual contacts into strong business advocates
  • Audit and optimize your current Sphere of Influence (SOI)
  • Acquire the skills to identify and connect with key individuals who can elevate your professional journey
  • Embrace the mindset and techniques of a super-connector, expanding your network exponentially

Be the Most Invaluable Person in the Room:

Learn the skills to not just capture attention but to become an indispensable asset in any professional setting, making you the go-to person in your network.

  • Master techniques to overcome imposter syndrome (yes, even Ryan can feel this way!) and project confidence in any setting
  • Identify and highlight your unique strengths, setting you apart in a crowded market
  • Turn every conversation into a meaningful connection that advances your professional goals
  • Gain insights on making a memorable impact in social and professional gatherings, ensuring you’re always remembered

Feed the Sphere:

Gain expert insights into prioritizing and nurturing high-value connections, ensuring every interaction aligns with your business growth objectives.

  • Prioritize and engage with high-value connections that align with your business aspirations
  • Discover Ryan’s strategies for continuously attracting new, qualified prospects into your network
  • Leverage your existing connections effectively to expand your influence
  • Develop a systematic approach to nurturing your network, moving valuable contacts closer to your inner circle

Outreach, Outreach, Outreach:

Discover Ryan’s proven outreach techniques that cut through the noise, enabling you to connect, engage, and convert with unparalleled efficiency.

  • Master a three-step outreach process that helps you connect with and captivate your desired audience
  • Craft messages that resonate and elicit responses from even the most sought-after contacts
  • Develop techniques to be the person everyone remembers
  • Handle and convert even the most challenging prospects within your network

Sustain and Measure Your ROI:

Learn the critical skills to not only build but also maintain a robust network, measuring and maximizing the return on your networking investments for long-term success.

  • Acquire effective follow-up strategies that keep your network active and engaged
  • Measure the effectiveness and ROI of your networking efforts, ensuring your time is always well-spent
  • Develop techniques for maintaining and enhancing the quality of your professional relationships
  • Gain skills in evaluating and refining your networking strategies for continuous improvement and sustained success